quality linen


Water and stain resistant


Handmade in slovenia


can carry heavy loads


nomadka tribe welcomes you...


Nomadka is designed to suit its owner in all aspects. That means combining sturdy composition with practical and aesthetic looks. In other words, water resistant linen with strong cotton straps, changing from bag to backpack and clean design that nicely rounds up any style.

It means single color, two pockets and natural washable material. Design that completes one more goal: sustainability.

Simple bag, for morning coffee and documents you need at work, with a pull, a backpack for easier bicycle commute, enough space to complete a quick grocery stop and hey, you can go hiking with it!


You can carry it like a bag.

With a simple pull, you transform it into a backpack.

Survives any unexpected "heavy loads".

A special coating keeps the contents dry and clean.

Everything is always at arm's reach, but deep enough to never fall out.

Multiple colors.

A place for your favourite two pens.

A handy inside pocket.

The name stems from the word "Nomad", which describes a resilient and ingenious person not tied down by anything. At the same time, in the western culture, nomads are often portrayed as simple people with a rich culture, who are one with nature and natural products.

Studio Nomadka unifies the concept of practical products with sustanable design and innovative solutions.

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Studio Nomadka
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